A novelist’s template

This is a template that I found to be of utmost help when I was drafting Feather in the Straw. I have always had difficulty in using outlines, and I began writing without an outline, and when I paused from my writings  to use an outline like this, the words flowed. I can’t say enough about how it helped me […]

A trip to the zoo, when ignorance is bliss

Ignorance is bliss right? In my novel, Feather in the Straw, the main character, Claire runs a wildlife rehabilitation sanctuary run by an anonymous foundation. Claire’s suspicions arise when rehabilitated wildlife disappear from her care, and crates of exotic cats show up unexpectedly, and then disappear. Concerned, Claire begins calling various zoos trying to track down leads on the missing wildlife. She […]

Love that transcends boundaries

One way in which I hope to reach the heart of my readers is through the notion that love transcends boundaries. This is a reoccurring theme throughout my novel, Feather in the Straw.  What are the boundaries set up that could possibly be a potential barrier to love? In Feather in the Straw there are six children; Ida, Nanette, Gretel, […]

A few of my favorite words ( okay 96 of them)

1.Accolade 2.Acrimony 3.Angst 4.Avant-garde 5.Baroque 6.Bona Fide 7.Boondoggle 8.Bourgeois 9.Bravado 10.Brusque 11.Byzantine 12.Cacophony 13.Camaraderie 14.Capricious 15.Carte Blanche 16.Catch 22 17.Caustic 18.Charisma 19.Cloying 20.Déjà vu 21.Dichotomy 22.Dilettante 23.Disheveled 23.Élan 24.Ennui 25.Epitome 26.Equanimity 27.Equivocate 28.Esoteric 29.Euphemism 30.Fait Accompli 31.Fastidious 32.Faux pas 33.Fiasco 34.Finagle 35.Freudian slip 36.Glib 37.Gregarious 38.Harbinger 39.Hedonist 40.Heresy 41.Idiosyncratic 42.Idyllic 43.Indelicate 44.Infinitesimal 45.Insidious 46.Junket 47.Kitsch […]

Dancing eyes

I have congenital Nystagmus, also known as dancing eyes; which is defined as an involuntary jerking or bouncing of the eyeball that occurs when there is a disturbance of the vestibular (inner ear) system or the oculomotor control of the eye. Most, but not all people with Nystagmus are also extremely light sensitive because we have […]

Inspiration behind Feather in the Straw

There are over 400,000 children in Foster care today. My time spent devoted to caring for drug-addicted babies, homeless children, and tales of my grandmother’s childhood spent on the streets, inspired me to write a work of fiction for young adults called Feather in the Straw. In 1956, six orphans are mistakenly dropped off on […]

Hello world , this is me!

Hello world, this is me! Lover of paisley, and coffee. When I was three I was put on a plane from Phoenix to Seattle with out any accompanying adults other than flight attendants, and other passengers. It’s sort of stuck with me, and I’ve been somewhat of a wanderer since I turned 18. I’ve been […]