Genius and Insanity

  I am eccentric, there’s no denying that. It’s a well-known fact that creative individuals have a much higher rate of manic depression, or bipolar disorder, than does the general population. Just look at John Steinbeck and Ernest Hemingway for example. I could go on and on with my list of Actors, Actresses’, comedians writers, […]

My thoughts on The Glass Castle

Eagerly I await for the next few weeks to see the movie adaptation of I book that my daughter and I both read during this past bleak Winter. The movie, and book are called The Glass Castle.  The book was written in 2005, but I came across it in Barnes and Noble, and couldn’t put it down. My […]

Golden threads

Do you have a message of hope and healing that can make a difference in peoples’ lives? The stories of our lives are golden threads. Some people work on their books for years, and when they are finished even the most beautiful and heartfelt masterpieces go untold. Kept as hidden gems. It doesn’t have to […]

Inspiration fueled by… H2O?

When I began writing Feather in the Straw, I was like a caffeine dependent Collie chasing my own tail, things distracted me, and I eventually sort of gave up. When November began to draw near I began thinking about Nanowrimo ( National Novel Writing month). I felt the need to abandon but not discard the scant amount of progress I had already made […]

A novelist’s template

This is a template that I found to be of utmost help when I was drafting Feather in the Straw. I have always had difficulty in using outlines, and I began writing without an outline, and when I paused from my writings  to use an outline like this, the words flowed. I can’t say enough about how it helped me […]

A trip to the zoo, when ignorance is bliss

Ignorance is bliss right? In my novel, Feather in the Straw, the main character, Claire runs a wildlife rehabilitation sanctuary run by an anonymous foundation. Claire’s suspicions arise when rehabilitated wildlife disappear from her care, and crates of exotic cats show up unexpectedly, and then disappear. Concerned, Claire begins calling various zoos trying to track down leads on the missing wildlife. She […]

Love that transcends boundaries

One way in which I hope to reach the heart of my readers is through the notion that love transcends boundaries. This is a reoccurring theme throughout my novel, Feather in the Straw.  What are the boundaries set up that could possibly be a potential barrier to love? In Feather in the Straw there are six children; Ida, Nanette, Gretel, […]