Image result for pictures of playground rejection

Cliques do indeed exist past high school. I am fortunate that I went to a very small high school free of cliques, as far as I remember, but as an adult I know for a fact they exist. They rear their ugly heads in  the least likely places such as homeschool groups, and other places of worship.

Do we ever get over our deep seated feelings of rejections, and  get back in the saddle, or wallow in the mire?  Are we are reliving  the pains of childhood of being the last one picked for the team?

Is there a difference in how we should feel for certain types of rejection? If a parent abandons you as a young child,  do those same feelings rejection come up again when you are rejected by a potential publisher, or literary agent? Social rejection, is it more difficult to face rejection from potential new friends, or potential romantic partners?

There is always that one thing we are self conscious about; maybe its our inward abilities, or our outward appearance such as our dancing eyes, our teeth, extremely pale skin, or weight?

Does the pain of rejection ever subside, come back in other ugly feelings, or does it just build up in layers, one ugly head on top of another?


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