Inspiration fueled by… H2O?

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When I began writing Feather in the Straw, I was like a caffeine dependent Collie chasing my own tail, things distracted me, and I eventually sort of gave up. When November began to draw near I began thinking about Nanowrimo ( National Novel Writing month). I felt the need to abandon but not discard the scant amount of progress I had already made on Feather in the Straw. I thought I was going to need a lot of coffee. All of the youtube videos I had seen about nanowrimo showed bedraggled looking people staying up all hours of the night drinking endless amounts of coffee. I was prepared. In one hand I had a fresh supply of organic whole beans to brew everyday for 30 days while I wrote a 50,000 word novel, and in the other hand I had a Camelbak relay water filter. I did begin November with some coffee, mainly because I like the taste, but when I felt like I was dragging, it was water that surprisingly gave me the boost I would need. With the exception of Saturdays I got up every morning before dawn and wrote to my hearts content. I filled my glass Voss water bottle so many times, I wore that four month filter out.  I completed my novel and came out a Nanowrimo winner, and came out surprisingly refreshed.


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