A novelist’s template

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This is a template that I found to be of utmost help when I was drafting Feather in the Straw. I have always had difficulty in using outlines, and I began writing without an outline, and when I paused from my writings  to use an outline like this, the words flowed. I can’t say enough about how it helped me out. Yes, I deviated from ideas on this template, but it aided me so much in making sure that I had a story line that readers could follow. I now refer back to this template often.  I hope that you all find this helpful. drop me a line, and let me know your thoughts on this type of outline, or just outlines in general.

ACT ONE                                             ACT TWO                           ACT THREE

  1. INTRO(set up)                          10. NEW WORLD (set up)   19. TRIALS(set up)
  2. INCITING INCIDENT              11.FUN AND GAMES          20.PINCH(event conflict)
  3. IMMEDIATE REACTION        12. Old -world contrast      21. DARKEST Pt.(res.)
  4. REACTION                               13.  Build-up                         22.POWER WITHIN
  5. ACTION                                    14. Mid-point                       23. ACTION
  6. CONSEQUENCE                      15.REVERSAL                      24.CONVERGE
  7. PRESSURE                               16.REACTION                      25.BATTLE
  8. PINCH                                      17. ACTION                          26. CLIMAX
  9. PUSH                                       18. DEDICATION                 27.RESOLUTION

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