A trip to the zoo, when ignorance is bliss

Image result for vintage zoo poster

Ignorance is bliss right? In my novel, Feather in the Straw, the main character, Claire runs a wildlife rehabilitation sanctuary run by an anonymous foundation. Claire’s suspicions arise when rehabilitated wildlife disappear from her care, and crates of exotic cats show up unexpectedly, and then disappear. Concerned, Claire begins calling various zoos trying to track down leads on the missing wildlife. She is told that zoos only take babies, since they bring in the most money.  All zoos promote conservation efforts, right? What could one have against zoos? The animals all seem well fed and cared for, so what could anyone possibly say against zoos? While I was researching for my novel, Feather in the Straw, I came across some information about the exotic pet trade industry that I wish that I hadn’t. As it turns out zoos aren’t about conservation at all, but about money. When wildlife from the exotic pet trade, won’t breed in captivity, they forcefully breed them  (by methods I won’t go into in detail) and when these living breathing beings are aged yet still in good health, but no longer bringing in revenue they euthanize them. I know this seems ridiculous, and no I’m not from PETA and I’m not espousing propaganda. All zoos are innocent, right?


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