Inspiration behind Feather in the Straw

There are over 400,000 children in Foster care today. My time spent devoted to caring for drug-addicted babies, homeless children, and tales of my grandmother’s childhood spent on the streets, inspired me to write a work of fiction for young adults called Feather in the Straw.

In 1956, six orphans are mistakenly dropped off on the door step of the decrepit old boarding school building where Claire and Harvey run a wildlife rehabilitation sanctuary on the Florida Panhandle. Harvey, who is also a lawyer and an Orthodox Jew, finds Jesus, while Claire clings to Atheism. They raise the children as their own; and everything seems to be falling into place, until Claire discovers that their ideal life isn’t what it seems. At 66,517 words, my goal is to tell a story about the meaning of family, love that transcends boundaries, and the possibility of finding faith after loss.

Inspirational with a slight element of suspense, Feather in the Straw is To Kill a Mockingbird meets Light Between Oceans.


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