Hello world , this is me!

Hello world, this is me! Lover of paisley, and coffee. When I was three I was put on a plane from Phoenix to Seattle with out any accompanying adults other than flight attendants, and other passengers. It’s sort of stuck with me, and I’ve been somewhat of a wanderer since I turned 18. I’ve been dubbed the human version of Dory, from Finding Nemo. As you can tell I’m not wearing any makeup, I think it’s because I can’t remember where I put it, seriously. I don’t pass on juicy gossip because I inadvertently forget stuff like that and I don’t tend to harbor grudges. I used to love politics, and wanted to be a politician once, and now there is something about All of it that bothers me. I’m feeling great these days. I scarcely eat non organic pasta, bread, or corn, I don’t eat sweets, or sugar. I don’t eat meat ( except occasionally venison, a few times a year.) I am allergic to eggs , Walnuts, and peanuts, though not extremely allergic, I’m thankful for that. I make my own shampoo from coconut milk, but I have to keep it in the fridge, brrrr, that’s a waker upper. I have deeply held spiritual beliefs and convictions. I travel alot. My favorite place in the world is Rosh Hanikra in northern Israel. I don’t like roller coasters, and I can’t swim. I would love to be able to surf, and play guitar. I love to laugh and goof around, but I don’t find video footage of other people getting hurt funny, it makes me cringe. I have bachelors degree in business management, ironically, I could care less about climbing to the top of the corporate ladder. The only states I have left to visit are; New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Hawaii. I’m not afraid of snakes or spiders, but mice and rats terrify me. I’m not tech-savy. I dream the day I can live off grid somewhere in the mountains, writing on an old typewriter. I am the epitome of randomness, and a true oddball if there ever was one. Now to my personal life; been married since 2001, had 3 littles, ( the human kind)  Crazy right? Have 3 dogs, 4 cats, and 10 chickens. I am always attempting to garden, but I am terrible at it, I am a great forager of wild edibles. I am also related to Drew Barrymore, but I have never tried to contact her. yes this is choppy and random but nut-free nutshell, but it’s me.


4 thoughts on “Hello world , this is me!

      1. Oh im so so glad you did post! its perfect! and funny thing i live in rhode island! hahaa and im looking at how shiny your hair is and how soft it looks thinking man i should try making my own shampoo too! 🙂


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