The Soundtrack of a Novel

Image result for vintage jazz photos ella fitzgerald


 I admit I am a little eccentric. Fueled by pure imagination, a little fresh ground coffee and tons of water, inspiration is all around me. Writing in the first person present tense, and listening to music from a past in which I have never been part of. Although my play list has varies throughout the stages of this novel, a good idea of my personal soundtrack for my novel Feather in the Straw is as follows;

Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, Dream a little Dream of me,

John Coltrane, My favorite things,

John Coltrane, Blue Train

Miles Davis and John Coltrane, On Green Dolphin Street

Miles Davis, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Louis Armstrong, La Vie En Rose

Louis Armstrong, Mack the Knife

Louis Armstrong, When the Saints Go Marching In

Louis Armstrong, Nobody knows The Trouble I’ve seen

Nat King Cole, Smile

Nat King Cole, Unforgettabl


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